Media Room

Learning to manage OCD is a community effort. Here’s a list of other websites, books, and articles I’ve contributed to along the way. As you will see, many of these media collabs reflect topics I find most meaningful on a personal level: strong relationships, vegan lifestyle, self-understanding, spirituality, and mental health. Although I don’t cover all these topics on this blog, you may be interested to read more of my perspectives from these other sources!

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Matt Beech: 43 Spiritual Ways to Manage Stress, Anxiety, and Depression

Authority Magazine: How to Survive and Thrive as a Highly Sensitive Person, With Jaimie Eckert

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Tracking Happiness: Syrian Refugees Seeking Happiness in Lebanon: Interviews and Stories

Reader’s Digest: What Would Happen If an Entire Country Suddenly Went Vegan?

Bustle: How to Transition to Vegetarianism

Theravive: The Holistic Approach to Care in the Adventist Church

Forge: How to Write Your Own User Manual

HumanKIND: Long-Distance Relationships with Jaimie Eckert

The Nomadic Vegan: The Best Places for Vegan Food in Beirut Lebanon

Tracking Happiness: Best Books on Finding Purpose in Life (for an Inspiring 2020)

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