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Hi! I’m Jaimie. I’m a scrupulosity coach, a spiritual life coach who works with people suffering from Religious OCD (also known as scrupulosity).

You might have recently been diagnosed with scrupulosity, or you may have been dealing with it for some time. You’re wondering, does this ever get better? While I can’t promise that it will ever go away completely, I can assure you that there are proven practices and mindsets that can help you get out of your head, reduce your anxiety levels, and still retain meaningful spiritual practices. That’s exactly what I’d like to help you do as your scrupulosity coach.

But let me tell you a little bit about myself.

Ever since childhood, I’ve always been a deeply conscientious and spiritual person. However, during my teen years, as I began to experience bouts of depression and anxiety, my relationship with God became obsessive. While I would derive incredible meaning and happiness from spiritual pursuits, I would also be moved by compulsive, inescapable urges that I attributed to the Spirit of God. I felt compelled to:

  • Be sure to wear the “correct” color, eat the “correct” food, and have the “correct” thoughts and emotions
  • Perform spiritual disciplines in order to “cancel out” sinful thoughts
  • Do charitable deeds and ministry projects, even when I was burned out
  • Obsessively perform spiritual practices every morning for 90 minutes, even if it meant waking up at 2:00am to fit it in before a trip
  • Ruminate on complex spiritual questions until I felt that I had the “correct” answer

If I was unable to fulfill these compulsions, I would be launched into anxiety and eventually despair. My spiritual experience was a roller coaster of highs and lows.

Eventually, exhausted and emotionally bruised, I plunged into depression. I sought treatment, and was immediately prescribed Zoloft, an antidepressant medication. But I didn’t fill the prescription, because something didn’t feel right. I knew there was something deeper than a chemical imbalance in the brain — but what was it?

I’d never heard of Religious OCD, but when I finally visited an OCD specialist, I dissolved into tears during our first session. For the first time in my life, I met someone who could crawl into my brain and understand exactly what I felt.

So I got treatment. I did the hard work. I learned new responses and new mindsets that could help me separate between true religion and neurotic religion. I learned how to keep one and ignore the other. I discovered that it’s possible to live a normal life even if you have Religious OCD.

Today, I have a BA in Biblical Studies, an MA in Islamic Studies, and am completing a PhD in Religion and Intercultural Studies. As a scrupulosity coach, my strategy in helping you wrangle your religious OCD into line is from a spiritual rather than a clinical perspective. As a non-clinician, I do not prescribe medication. Instead, I help you identify triggering spiritual beliefs and practices and walk you through the process of evaluating which ones truly align with your core religious values and which are parasitic look-alikes from OCD.

(Find out your likelihood of having scrupulosity by taking this free, comprehensive scrupulosity quiz.)

Do you want to get out of your head, worship God from authentic faith rather than neurotic compulsion, and live an anxiety-free spirituality? Let’s work together. Contact me for a free consultation so you can learn to manage your scrupulosity and worship God in spirit and in truth.


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